Kitchen Apron with Hand Wipers

Kitchen Apron with Hand Wipers

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Smart apron to keep your hands dry and clothes safe

Got kitchen? Will cook. It’s just one of those things there’s no getting around since, you know, we need food to live and all. 

It’s not the cooking we mind, it’s the hassle that goes with it. Oil splashing on our clothes, the constant search for a hand towel, all those little things that equal one big pain in the frying pan.

Aprons help, but they don’t do enough. The pockets are too small and they never fit quite right. There are more functional aprons, but guess what we discovered?

Functional is code for ugly. Just because we’re in the kitchen doesn’t mean we want to dress down. Is it really asking so much for a cute apron that stands up to all the heat?

This multi-functional kitchen apron is fully adjustable, super cute, and has two built-in hand towels.

It’s the kind of thing that belongs in every kitchen. Take a look.

  • Extra-large pockets. Keep everything you need within easy reach. Your spatula, phone, the recipe you’re working on. It all fits in these pockets.
  • Built-in towel. Need to wipe your hands? There’s an absorbent towel built into each side of the apron. Just wipe and go.
  • Adjustable. Worried this won’t fit? Don’t be. This apron is fully adjustable to fit any height, size, and shape.
  • Light and breathable. It’s already hot enough in the kitchen, you don’t want to add to it. This material is light and breathable so you stay cool.
  • Cute design. Functionality doesn’t have to mean ugly. This apron is freaking adorable. Look good no matter what you’re doing.

It’s oil-proof, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Don’t freak out if water or oil splashes up on your apron, that’s what it’s there for. The oil will wash out, and the water won’t leak through to your clothes.

When you’re done cooking, just toss this in the washing machine. Pull it out, and it’ll be just like new again. Easy.

Order this multi-functional kitchen apron today, and take the hassle out of cooking tomorrow.

It can’t make the food for you, but it can make cooking a little more fun and a whole lot easier.

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