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Easy Corn Peeler

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Peel corn fast without cutting yourself!

 Corn has gotta be the most versatile veggie out there. Actually, it’s a grain, but who cares what it is as long as it tastes good.

The only problem we have with corn is getting it off the cob. We hate biting down and having all that juice splash in our eyeballs. We’ll be squinting for the next hour.

Then there are our kids. They’re still growing teeth, and our grandparents are losing them. We need that corn off that cob now, and we don’t want to spend hours doing it.

Sometimes it’s not even about a side for dinner, we just want to add it to our salsa or something.

We’ve tried cutting it with a knife, but we end up cutting our fingers instead. That’s too much risk for a side salad.

This easy corn peeler is ultra-sharp, completely safe, and strips corn cobs in just a few seconds.

Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you lived your life without it.

  • Stainless steel blade. It’s sharp and strong and can strip an entire corn cob in just a few seconds. Strip enough for a family of 4 in under a minute.
  • Corn catcher. As you strip your corn, it collects in the storage container. That way it won’t go flying everywhere and make a mess.
  • Safety first. Your fingertips get nowhere near the blade when you’re peeling, so it’s impossible to cut yourself.
  • Transparent. The transparent container makes it easy to see how much corn you’ve collected so you can empty it out before it overflows.
  • Secure grip. There are two anti-slip grips on either side of the peeler, that way your fingers won’t slide all over the place while you’re cutting.

It works fast, cleans up easy, and stores anywhere.

It’s about the size of a butter dish, so you can fit it pretty much anywhere. Keep it on a shelf, in a cabinet, or even in a drawer.

Pull it out whenever you’re in the mood for corn, and strip that cob down before your kids can ask for seconds.

Order this easy corn peeler today and peel corn faster and easier tomorrow.

It’s not just for kids, it’s for corn lovers everywhere.

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