Food Preservation Tray

Food Preservation Tray

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Reusable, chemical-free alternative to keep your food fresh

Huh? Reusable plastic wrap built into a tray? Sounds kind of sci-fi, like something out of the future. Except it’s here. And we’ve got it. And boy, is it good.

So they’re storage containers? Yes! Only think bigger than that. We’re talking vacuum seals and space savers in one awesome design.

Regular storage containers keep food good for what? A couple days? These trays keep your food fresh for weeks.

And nothing to throw away means no reason to feel guilty. The environment's in good hands. It's about time.

These food preservation trays are eco-friendly, stackable, and keep your food fresh longer.

They’re kind of amazing. Take a look.

  • Reusable. This isn’t something you use once and throw away. It’s made to be reused. No breaking, tearing, or warping even over time.
  • Seals in food. The plastic wrap compresses down over your food, so it seals everything in and helps it last way longer.
  • Refrigerator safe. A little cold won’t hurt these trays. Stick them in your fridge without a second thought.
  • Stackable. Save some space and stack these on top of each other. They fit perfectly together without toppling over.
  • Eco-friendly. The Earth is kind of our home, and we like keeping it safe. So we made these trays totally eco-friendly.

Save money and time.

Stop wasting dollars throwing out rotten food. Seriously. It’s not necessary. These trays keep it fresh so you save money and spend less time at the store.

Get these food preservation trays today and get fresher food tomorrow.

They’re easy to use and inexpensive to buy. What’s not to love?

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