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Dough Press Set (Set of 3)

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Seal fillings fast and without any hassle

We’re not exactly professional chefs, but we still try to cook like one. Our new goal? Make perfect pies and dumplings in less than an hour.

Our family laughed at us, but we know it can be done. The secret is sealing the edges up right the first time around. Screw that up, and you’ll waste hours fixing your mistakes.

But getting the perfect crimped edge is a gigantic pain. We’ve got two dough pressers that are supposed to do the work for us, but all they do is make our job ten times harder.

They’re either too big or too small. And one of them came with this strange chemically smell we don’t want anywhere near our food.

But we’re not giving up. We’ve got one more trick up our sleeve.

This dough press set is BPA-free, comes in 3 different sizes, and perfectly seals your dough so your fillings can’t escape.

It’s like having a personal chef who does all the hardest jobs for you.

  • BPA-free. No one wants weird chemicals mixing with their food, so we kept this BPA-free. It’s totally safe for you and your family.
  • 3 sizes. Different foods need different sized crimpers, so we give you small, medium, and large. Pick whatever's right for what you’re making.
  • Perfect seals. Add your dough, fill it up, and press it down. Whatever’s inside gets sealed in, juices and all. And once sealed, they stay sealed.
  • Crimped edges. Crimped edges are just prettier than plain ones. If you’re trying to jazz up a party, this is definitely the way to go.
  • More than pies. You’re probably picturing all the pies you’ll make with this, but don’t forget there are dumplings, pierogis, and other pastries to test out.

It cleans up quickly, stores easily, and won’t absorb odors.

No one wants a stinky anything in their kitchen. This cleans up fast with a little soapy water and stays odor-free no matter much you use it.

When you’re done, just fold it up or lie it flat and store it away until next time.

Order this dough press set now and get perfect crimped edges without any of the fuss.

No mess, no fuss, no way we’re cooking again without one.

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