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Insulated Lunchbox

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Holy cow this is cool. It’s the kind of thing that can change the way you eat.

Seriously? It’s just a lunch box.

Uh-uh. It’s way more than that.

How many times have you packed a lunch for work and found your soup spilled over into your sandwich? A soggy mess that’s completely inedible.

Or your kid came home and told you the brown bag lunch you sent them off with ripped open and their food spilled out.

This lunch box has a secret.

Think… layers. Wait, wait, revise that. Thermal layers.

Keep food warm, cold, and completely separate from each other so everything stays fresh and tasty.

Okay, admit it. That really is kind of cool, right? Check out the rest.

  • Leak-proof. Tip it on its side, hold it upside down, nothing’s getting out of this bad boy. It’s completely airtight and spill-proof.
  • Non-toxic. You don’t want chemicals leaching into your food. This is totally BPA and toxin-free. Nothing in here is gonna harm you or your kids.
  • Vacuum insulated. Keep hot food hot and cold food cold. Sounds easy, but you’d surprised how many lunch boxes fail. This lunch box wins, every time.
  • Adjustable layers. Need to add more compartments? Want to subtract? It’s as simple as screwing or unscrewing compartments.
  • Microwavable. Okay, not every bowl is safe for the microwave. The stainless steel ones need to stay out, but the plastic bowls are rearing to go.
  • Easy-carry handle. Pick your lunch box up by the handle and carry it around. It’s lightweight and easy to move.

Forget junky fast food that packs on pounds and costs you time at the drive-thru.

Save time and money by making healthy meals at home and taking them with you.

Look, you have to eat. Whether you’re at work, school, or wherever, food is just one of those things you can’t ignore.

Get this thermal compartment lunch box today and start eating better tomorrow.

You’ll taste the difference in your food, and feel the difference in your health.

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