3-In-1 Silicone Sponge

3-In-1 Silicone Sponge

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Soap dispenser, sponge and scraper - rolled into one cleaning tool!

We hate washing dishes, but they’re not gonna wash themselves. It’s just so tedious. Grab a sponge, get the soap, go to work. Eck!

And don’t get us started on all that dried food sticking to the pots and pans. Now we’re talking soak time on top of wash time, and what should take ten minutes turns into an hour.

If our sponges worked better, maybe things would go faster. But first we need something to scrape the food off, then the soap to get things moving. 

By the time we’re done, the counters are a mess and we need a squeegee just to clean them up. That’s just too much. It’d be easier to buy new dishes.

This 3-in-1 silicone sponge is a soap dispenser, squeegee, and sponge all rolled into one powerful cleaning tool.

Ready to take your cleaning to the next level? Check this out.

  • 3-in-1. Scrub, scrape, and squeegee your things clean. This sponge easily removes dirt, grime, food, and water from any surface.
  • Soap dispenser. There’s a soap dispenser built right into the sponge. Just pour your soap in and squeeze it whenever you need more.
  • Durable silicone. This stuff lasts forever. It withstands heat, cold, dirt, and anything else you can throw at it.
  • Non-abrasive. It’s totally safe to use this on glass, china, or granite. It’s soft and flexible, so it won’t scratch surfaces.
  • Built-in squeegee. Need to scrape water off a counter or food off a plate? The squeegee is your go-to. Scrape it down then wash it off with the same sponge.

It’s anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, and non-toxic.

Germs have nowhere to hide. This sponge pushes them out and washes them away. And without bacteria hanging around, odors won’t dare show themselves.

But don’t worry. All this germ fighting power is totally non-toxic and safe for your family. It’s even BPA-free, just for extra safety.

Order this 3-in-1 silicone sponge today and make tomorrow’s chores a whole lot easier.

You might not enjoy cleaning any more than you do now, but at least you’ll finish faster and have more time for the stuff you do like.

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