Three Kinds of Steel Knives: Which One is Your Choice?

So far, kitchen knives are made of three major steels: straight carbon steel, stainless steel and Dama steel. After you understand the properties or features of each kind, you will make good decision.

Straight carbon steel knives. The inner structure of straight carbon steel is simpler that the others. When being processed appropriately, it will possess good impact resistance and strong cutting ability. The only deficiency of straight carbon steel knives is it will losing sheen and be rusty without correct maintenance, which is often the reason why people choose other ones. However, people should consider more about their good properties.

Stainless steel knives. The common types of stainless steel include 440C, 154CM, A2 and D2, etc. stainless steel knives are popular because of a serial of pubic promotion and their smooth surface. Taking 400C as example, it doesn’t possess excellent cutting property and good toughness. There are two reasons for people to choose stainless steel knives. One is because 440C is often used for making scalpel. The other is because American knife collectors regard knives as arts but not tools or weapons.

Dama steel knives. It is most potential in the three kinds. Simply speaking, Dama Steel is the combination of steel and iron. They possess potential features of all good knives. When being forged, hammered and heat processed appropriately, the knives will be unique and perfect. Either the sharpness maintenance or the impact resistance is beyond comparison. However, the problem is that high-quality Dama steel knives are quite difficult to produce.

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