Four Steps Help You Maintain Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are closely linked with our life. For the sake of our health, we should keep clean the kitchen knife every day and use it correctly according to different functions. Remembering the following four steps, your kitchen knife will be in good condition.

kitchen Knives

  1. No swaying cutting. When cutting bones or hard materials, you should land your knife forceful and directly without swaying.
  1. Clean carefully. Kitchen knives should be cleaned carefully after using it and every part of the knife should be wiped cleanly, and then put back to the knife holder.
  1. Preserve properly. Kitchen knives should be placed in ventilated place with no alkaline corrosion.
  1. Sharpen regularly. Kitchen knives should be sharpened regularly, which is helpful to get rid of the oil spot and dirt.

Following the kitchenware tips, keep your knives clean and sharpen!!!

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